Is Seoul An Ugly City? Urban Planning in Korea’s Capital

This week the Korea Times posted an article called Filthy Shades of Grey that strongly criticized architecture and urban planning in Korea’s capital city. So how hideous is Seoul, really?

Into the Uncanny Valley: Why Scientists in Japan Are Spanking Robots

If someone were to ask you the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Japan”, many would immediately reply “Robots!” Japan is definitely on the cutting edge of robotic science, and one of their latests projects is a rather realistic human bum.

Gaming Yourself to Death: A Visit to a PC Bang in Korea

South Korea has two Starcraft channels, a professional Starcraft circuit, and a whole lot of internet cafes specializing in gaming. Meanwhile in China, a man called for emergency services to save him from…the internet. Online gaming is BIG in Asia.

A Longer Road to Beauty: Thailand’s Long-Necked Tribes

In Northern Thailand live tribes who have gained international notoriety for their unique perspective of beauty: stretching their necks as long as possible.  Anna Power went to visit one of these tribes–this is what she found.

Queer Korea: Slow and Small First Steps

Starting in 2003, gay marriages have been performed in Canada, and in 2005 the federal government officially passed the Civil Marriage Act which utilized gender neutral terms and allowed same-sex couples to marry. But Korea is a long, long way off from anything remotely similar.

America’s Relationship With Korea in Five Seconds or Less

Politics can be complicated. The situation between North Korea, South Korea and invariably the United States is one of tension and restraint. Here’s how to understand the gist of it in five seconds or less.

Sexy and Surreal: 2NE1’s “Scream” Isn’t That Ear Piercing

2NE1 is set to release an album in English in the United States sometime this year. Under the guidance of Black Eyed Pea (?), it’s possible that Americans will find themselves drunkenly spasming to a whole new version of this song come October. 

Along the Watchtower: Exploring Seoul’s Fortress Wall

One of the most amazing things about Seoul is experiencing a vast sense history and deep rooted culture within a modern, vastly huge city. You can easily admire a massive skyscraper, blink, and stand in awe of  traditional houses, temples, and palaces.