There and Back Again: Confessions of an Ex-Expat

Between 2010 and 2014 I left Canada to live and work in Seoul, South Korea. I returned to Canada in 2014 after three months of touring Southeast Asia. Here’s why I’m going back to this part of the world that I can’t get out of my head.

All Eyes on the Quiet Metropolis

Four months have evaporated into the aether of time. I count off the months not in days or weeks but what, to the senses, are merely flashing moments of surrealism. How long have I lived on the other side of the world? Seconds? Weeks? Months? Really? Yesterdays are collecting like old clothes in the attic. […]

Two Weekends

Time slides by quickly. Weekdays pass like a sequence of flashes, the perpetuum mobile of teaching, I suppose. In the daytime, there is hardly a minute that passes in which I’m not engaged in some sort of activity either with the kids or while I’m running errands like sending off mail or getting coffee to […]