Itaewon Burning: Early Morning Fire in Seoul’s International District

10 Magazine is reporting that a fire broke out early this morning in Itaewon, Seoul’s infamous international district. There are no reported injuries, but approximately one block of the main street has been destroyed.

Shootout in Itaewon

Despite being one of the largest cities in the world, Seoul is incredibly safe and quiet. In a strangely action-packed incident last Saturday afternoon, Seoul police were involved in a high-speed chase with shots fired. 

Making Peace With Itaewon

Not far from Seoul’s landmark tower on Namsan mountain lies Itaewon, a love-it-or-hate-it district made up of a good portion of Seoul’s foreign population.

Cook It With Kimchi

At lunch I sat looking down at my food in awe. Cafeteria food, globally, is not generally looked upon in a favorable light.

Two Weekends

Time slides by quickly. Weekdays pass like a sequence of flashes, the perpetuum mobile of teaching, I suppose. In the daytime, there is hardly a minute that passes in which I’m not engaged in some sort of activity either with the kids or while I’m running errands like sending off mail or getting coffee to […]