Stranger Than Psy: Lim Chang-Jeong is Quietly Hilarious

Perhaps we’ve all had our share Gangnam Style and Gentleman, but fortunately there’s a new weirdo in town. Say hello, or rather, yeoboseyo to K-Pop’s newest quirky star. 

Get Ready for Gangnam Style, Part Two: Psy Releases Music Video for “Gentleman”!

For almost a year now, the world has been wondering how Psy will possibly follow up what was likely the most famous song in the world back in 2012. After playing a massive, sold out concert in Seoul this evening, he released the video on YouTube. Here it is.

Listen to Psy’s New Single “Gentleman”: Viral or Non-Contagious?

After several weeks of eager anticipation in the K-Pop world, Psy’s new single “Gentleman” has made its way into the net. Is it as catchy as “Gangnam Style”? Will lightning strike twice? Have  a listen and be the judge.

Gaming Yourself to Death: A Visit to a PC Bang in Korea

South Korea has two Starcraft channels, a professional Starcraft circuit, and a whole lot of internet cafes specializing in gaming. Meanwhile in China, a man called for emergency services to save him from…the internet. Online gaming is BIG in Asia.

Sexy and Surreal: 2NE1’s “Scream” Isn’t That Ear Piercing

2NE1 is set to release an album in English in the United States sometime this year. Under the guidance of Black Eyed Pea (?), it’s possible that Americans will find themselves drunkenly spasming to a whole new version of this song come October. 

Korean Gangstas: Hyeong-Don and Dae-Jun Are Funny in Any Language

Last year when Psy was being launched into global superstardom, two South Koreans combined forces to create a comedy powerhouse that probably deserved just as much attention as Gangnam Style. Here’s what you probably missed.

Gangnam Style

Update: You can find a larger collection of Gangnam Style videos and articles here. For too long I’ve ignored an unavoidable segment of Korean culture: K-Pop.