Slow Motion Sports: Elephant Polo is Actually a Thing in Thailand

Thailand is home to the strange sport of elephant polo, where riders on the backs of elephants slowly try to play their way across a 100 meter field to score points. This week team Rueang Chang squared off against the all-ladyboy team Tiffany ahead of the main event.

Japanese Man Arrested for Poisoning Woman’s Shoes

A man was arrested in Japan for allegedly putting poison in the shoes of a woman he was stalking. The woman survived, but had to have her toes amputated on one foot to save her life. 

North Korea Blamed for Cyberattack on South

On Wednesday, South Korean banks and broadcasting companies suffered from a cyberattack that many believe to be the work of a network of North Korean hackers. 

Insadong Burning

Last night Seoul’s well known neighbourhood of Insadong caught fire and burned for several hours. The area is one of the most visited spots in the city, with traditional shops lining beautiful streets and alleyways.

Concubine Film Causing a National Debate

Although it hasn’t even been released in theaters yet, Concubine, a new South Korean film is causing a media frenzy.

She’s Off Pitch, But at Least She Can Sing

Jessica Jung of the K-pop group Girls Generation has been getting a lot of attention for a first pitch she threw at a Seoul baseball game last Friday. 

The Wonderful Future: Expo Yeosu Opens Its Doors

After four years of construction, Expo Yeosu is finally opening its doors to the world.