The Dictator’s Daughter

Park Geun-Hye was sworn into office as the new president of South Korea on Monday, becoming the nation’s first female president. But who is the woman who grew up under the shadow of one of South Korea’s most controversial leaders?

The London Olympics: Telling It Like It Is

A brief glimpse of the Olympic standings with a whimsical view of the two Koreas. Thanks to Rachelle Robicheau for bringing this one to my attention!

The Trick Eye Museum

One of Hongdae’s best known attractions is a simple-yet-clever gallery of whimsy.

Where Did All the Water Go?

It’s been a century since it’s been this dry on the Korean peninsula.

Scaredy Cat

A bored mascot decides to have a little fun in Gangnam. I was amused.

15 Things That Aren’t Quite Right

To a foreigner, Korea is one of that countries that sometimes just makes you scratch your head. 

Saryang Island: One of Korea’s Best Hikes

Taekwondo is officially Korea’s national sport, but hiking may be its most popular. Here’s one of Korea’s best hidden hiking spots.

Beach Time in Busan: Korea’s Sunshine Capital

Seoul might hold the official title as South Korea’s capital city, but when the sunshine heats up the beaches, Busan is the place to be.