Student Work: Why I Love Teaching Grade 4

American kids say the darndest things, but Korean kids are funnier.

The Best Gifts Are Coloured in Crayon

Teacher’s Day in South Korea passed last Tuesday.

Letters from Beyond the Black Hole

An open letter to all friends and family of ESL teachers in Korea. Dear World, It’s us. All of us. The sons and daughters of English speaking nations across the globe. We may have left you a few days ago, a few weeks ago, or even years past. And we wanted to apologize. We also […]

Hitting the Ground Running

It’s Friday, and I’m exhausted, but satisfied. Yesterday I wandered into the chaotic mass of bodies in the Seoul Metro Subway system and made my way across the city to Dogokdong, which is where my school is is situated along a long stretch of fir trees along the river. Dogokdong is beautiful, Gangnam being one […]