The Night I Slept in a Tube: Japanese Capsule Hotels

The Japanese are known for efficiency. They pride themselves on it. So when it came to making a hotel as cheap and efficient, Japan found a way to make it surprisingly minimalistic. And shockingly homey. 

Escape to Ko Samet, Part One: Stay the F*ck Out of Pattaya

Phuket, Ko Samui, and Koh Chang are popular islands to get away to when your in Thailand. But on a whim I decided to take a road slightly less travelled, and I was glad that I did. But getting there wasn’t easy.

One Night in Songtan

Friday Since arriving in Korea I have been outside the city on few occasions. After an invitation to celebrate the birthday of a friend in Songtan I was eager to step outside the Seoul city limits and out farther into the Korean nation. Friday night I leave the school and immediately head to Nambu Bus […]