A Single Image of Asia That Will Change How You See the World

There’s a lot of pointless viral media out there, and a disproportionate amount seems to revolve around cats. But there’s one image that you really should see; it will very likely change the way you perceive our planet. 

What Students Are Like Before and After Lunch

Teaching students in Asia is an amazing experience. They’re intelligent, dedicated, and hard working. Until after lunch time, when you’d think a full moon had just risen.

Video: A Taiwanese Landslide Boulder Nearly Crushes a Car

I think we have a solid contender for the title of Luckiest Man in Asia. During a sudden landslide in Keelung, Taiwan, a massive boulder barely stopped rolling before completely crushing a car driving by. 

Jjarappappa: Korea’s Greatest Dance Routine?

Korea has a strong fascination with coordinated dance routines, which is immediately evident in the K-Pop scene. But there’s one dance you probably haven’t seen yet, no matter how into Korea you might be…

The Gangnam Style Collection

It’s never going to stop. Gangnam Style is everywhere.

She’s Off Pitch, But at Least She Can Sing

Jessica Jung of the K-pop group Girls Generation has been getting a lot of attention for a first pitch she threw at a Seoul baseball game last Friday.