How Korean Singles Meet?

Couple flirting by the side of a river in Seoul

Unlike other cultures, Korean singles in Korea do not meet at weddings, birthday parties, college, and religious ceremonies. The average high school singles in Korea are busy studying for their college exams. So, dating is a low priority. However, if they date, they do it in seclusion because if their parents find out, they can be in much trouble. Koreans value education highly, and parents prefer their kids to study at that age rather than date.

Koreans usually go to ‘mee-ting’ which are group blind dates. ‘Mee-ting’ involves a lot of alcohol, drinking games, and laughter. These group dates have an equal number of males and females. Participants privately discuss who they are most interested in and hopefully pair up with their preferred choice. Even if they do not find loved ones, ‘mee-ting’ is an opportunity for networking and cherish some unforgettable memories.

‘ Another way that Koreans date is called ‘so-gae-ting’ which is a private 1-1 blind date. Here, friends and acquaintances play match-maker and set you upon someone that they think id a fit for you. These match-makers may know the individuals personally or through friends.

Last but not least, ‘seon’ is the blind date arranged by parents. Since Koreans believe that marriage is also a union of two families, parents are more comfortable with this date idea. Most of the time, individuals find their soulmates after such blind dates. Needless to say, that Koreans widely accept arranged blind dates.

Long-time back, parents were using their neighborhood match-makers, but nowadays there are professional match-making agencies. Most single Korean ages 30 years and up depending on their finances, family background, personality, and physical attributes. Matchmaking services can get very pricey in Korea, but if you are serious about finding your soulmate, you need to pay!

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