Korean girls flirting: how, when and where?

Are you pondering over the idea of how does anyone flirt in a culture where touching off-limits? If kissing your partner in public is a taboo, is it even legal to tease someone in the audience?

Let us explain the confusing art of flirting in Korea.

In western culture, flirting is a simple way to have fun. But in Korea, flirting only occurs if someone infatuates you. Make sure that you can recognize the signals when she is flirting with you. Below, we have outlined the current giveaways that a Korean girl is trying to flirt with you!


A guiding light for Korean girls was flirting. They strive to act as modest, and as naive as possible. Korean girls will do a sweet smile and squint their eyes into half-moons. They cover their mouth while laughing at your not so funny jokes. Koreans perceive innocence as something alluring. So the more innocent the girl tries to look, the more she’s into you. And get used to a lot of high pitched baby talk!


Korean guy hugging his date with affection

If a Korean girl likes you as a person, she could rely on in the future; she will call you Oppa. What is Oppa exactly? A universal word for someone older than you, a brother, friend, or romantic interest. Please don’t confuse it with daddy in western culture. Oppa is traditional, pure, and respectful. Bear in mind, in some cases; it could be a way for a Korean girl to friend zone you. So make sure to test the waters before making a move.

Play hitting

Touching someone who is not your boyfriend rarely happens in Korean dating culture. But some Korean girls will break the rules by hitting you playfully, usually, while talking to you, laughing about something you said. These are gentle shoulder or arm pats, nothing violent or inappropriate. Physical touch in Korea is rare, so if she does this, she must have her eyes set on you.


Korean girls have an addiction to texting and social media. If you get a Korean girl’s number easy, it’s because she wants to get to know you better. She will text you nonstop for the first couple of days, at least. The texts are often small talk, weather-related, and on and off about your day. Korean girls don’t try to look mysterious and busy by replying in three to five business days.


Remember how in fifth grade you would slip a letter with a message to your crush? In Korean dating culture, adults will move you a post-it note with a cute message. It’s a safe mode for shy Korean girls to express that they like you. If you want to join this flirtatious tradition, get her a coffee, and stick a lovely note to it.


When trying to flirt with a guy, Korean girls go two ways: avoiding drinking or acting style too drunk. More than 50% will explain their low tolerance for alcohol and how easy they get drunk. The smaller percent will take two sips of wine and act tipsy, tripping and barely standing. While for some, drinking makes you more relaxed; for others, it is not a ladylike thing to do in front of a guy.

Poke it and leave it

A well-known technique of testing the waters. A Korean girl will give you a sign, or make a small move towards you, and then go cold. This way, she gives you time to react. It’s a simple way to protect them if you are not interested. And if you are, it’s your turn to do all the work. This leads us to our final point.

Korean girls don’t flirt

In conclusion, Korean girls don’t walk up to strangers, not in the club, not on the street, or in the library. When you can meet Korean woman at https://www.asiandatingsitereviews.net/koreancupid/ , keep in mind that these girls dare only to flirt with guys they already met through mutual friends or family. Korean girls rarely flirt; it’s not a part of their mentality, so if a girl flirts with you, don’t take it for granted.

It’s refreshing to see how Korean girls flirt in comparison to westernized cultures- much less sexualized and promiscuous, and a lot more playful and creative!

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