Top 10 things you should know when dating Korean girls

Innocent looking Korean girl

Korean Fever is in full bloom, and if you too were infected, welcome and had a sit. You will need some advice when it comes to dating Korean girls since they differentiate in numerous ways from western girls.

1. Korean girls are independent.

It’s not a secret that Koreans have an obsession with education; an astonishing 92% of Korean girls are enrolled in universities. Korean girls are hard-working, witty and self-sufficient; naturally, they expect the same from you.

2. Playboy behavior won’t get you far.

Korean girls do not like being hard not being perceived as promiscuous, especially to foreigners. One night stands are a thing of the western culture. Don’t rush it, choose your words and behave well, or you’ll get the womanizer tag pretty fast. Korean girls tend to wait it out when it comes to intimacy in the relationship.

3. Can’t touch this!

Just like the MC Hammer song, you cannot touch your girlfriend in Korean culture. When in a club, restrain from touch feeling the girl’s hand or waist while you talk to her. Keep your hands in your pockets even when you ride on the subway. Public display of affection, especially French kissing in public, is still considered a taboo in South Korea.

4. Aesthetics is everything

Untidy, badly dresses and out of shape men have close to nothing chance to score. Korean girls spend a significant amount of time and money to look presentable and feminine. South Korea has a plastic surgery boast with one in three women admitting they had some job done.

After all, we’re talking about the girls who invented the 10-step skincare routine the world raves.

5. You have a group to impress

Koreans have a built-in herd mentality and do many of their everyday activities in groups- from getting lunch to sitting in a café for hours scrolling social media. You will never see a Korean girl sitting alone in a bar. Get ready for plenty of double dates!

6. Family values

Korean girls are obedient and respectful of their elders. Please have in mind that the majority live with their parents until they get married. They treasure their families, and you will have to get their approval for your relationship to succeed.

7. Age is your secret weapon

Well at least if you are the older one. Put, if you are even a few months older than your girl, you are the one treated with the utmost respect everywhere, every time. Everyone will listen to you and do things for you because of Korean culture; older always mean wiser, more experienced.

8. Get your wallet ready

On your first date, if a Korean girl offers to split the check, don’t make the crucial mistake to accept!

Korean girls make their own money, but it’s considered the man’s obligation to cover at least the first couple of checks. If you have dinner and coffee later, it’s okay for her to cover the second bill. Expect to splurge on gifts and dates to impress your girl. Koreans have a love holiday every month, so do your researches on what kind of award these girls want.

9. Aegyo

Korean girls’ secret to getting everything they want. Aegyo is a cute, flirtatious behavior; imagine baby talk, puppy eyes and sweet faces all in one. While it comes naturally for some, others have to master the art. Your girl will use her aegyo on you to get what she wants, without you even noticing.

10. Act fast

Youalready went on a date and had a great time; don’t hesitate to schedule the next one tomorrow! Time is everything in Korean dating culture, reply to messages fast, or you won’t seem interested.

Korean girls are known as top-tier women in all of Asia. They are intelligent, gorgeous and rest assured that they are aware of it!

I hope you got some idea of what Korean dating culture is like, and good luck!

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